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Cleveland Ohio Metal & Plastic Machining

“As a Design Engineer in new product development I constantly challenge Rochester Manufacturing with unique and complicated geometries machined from non-typical materials. They are always up for the challenge and deliver quality product at competitive prices. Not only has Rochester helped me get prototype components to beta test sooner, they then continue to supply production component orders as well.”

Terrence M. Fulkerson
Senior Design Engineer
Nordson Corp.

Since 1979, Rochester Manufacturing has understood the importance of knowing how to tool their varied machines to achieve desired results. With this knowledge and skill, Rochester Manufacturing has been able to succeed in efficiency. A local customer had difficulty machining an oddly-shaped steel casting used in a large earth-moving machine. The machining process contained 10 steps that often led to poor alignment and a high scrap rate. By analyzing the part and developing a special fixture for clamping it, the part could be completed in one step—reducing machining time by 50% and scrap to near zero.


Turning Equipment

Hitachi Seike 20 S II Turning Center
· 10 Tool Turret
· 2 in. Bar Capacity
· 8 in. Air Chuck
· Tail Stock
· 5000 rpm

Daewoo 10 Turning Center
· 10 Tool Turret
· 3 in. Bar Capacity
· 10 in. Chuck
· 30 hp Spindle
· High Pressure Coolant
· Tail Stock

Daewoo Lynx Turning Center
· 6 in. Air Chuck
· 6000 rpm Spindle
· 2 in. Bar Capacity
· Part Catcher
· High Pressure Coolant

Turning Equipment

Doosan / Daewoo Turning Center
· 8 Axis Turning Center
· High Pressure Coolant
· 2 Spindles
· 2 Turrets
· Y Axis Live Tooling
· 2½ in. Bar Capacity

Yama Seikei Turning Center
· 12 Tool C Axis Live Tool Turret
· 8 in. Chuck
· 2 in. Bar Capacity
· High Pressure Coolant
· Parts Catcher


Fadal 4020 Machining Center
· 10,000 rpm Spindle
· High Pressure through the Spindle Coolant
· 40 x 20 x 24 Axis Travels
· 4 Axis Milling
· Indexing Trunion
· 21 Tool Magazine

Additional Turning Equipment

Fadal 4020 Machining Center
· 10,000 rpm Spindle
· High Pressure through the Spindle Coolant
· 40 x 20 x 24 Axis Travel
· 4 Axis Milling
· Pallet Changer with Indexing Trunion
· 30 Tool Magazine

Kitamura MyCenter I Machining Center
· 10,000 rpm Spindle
· 4 Axis Milling
· 20 x 14 x 18 Axis Travel
· 21 Tool Magazine

Fadal 2216 Machining Center
· 10,000 rpm Spindle
· High Pressure through the Spindle Coolant
· 4 Axis Milling
· 21 Tool Magazine

Lagun Vertical Knee Mill with Centroid Control

Metal Equipment


Engine Lathes (3)
Bridgeport Knee Mills (3)
Drill Presses (4)


6 x 18 Kent Surface Grinder
Sunnen Hone
Drill Grinder
Roto Finish Vibratory Finisher


Kaltenbach Auto Non-Ferrous Cold Saw
Heller Ferrous Auto Cold Saw
Peerless Production Band Saw
Powermatic Vertical Band Saw


Dedicated Climate Controlled Inspection Facility with Complete Range of Measuring Tools
Numerex/Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine (2)
Starrett Optical Comparator (2)
Gage Management System


Gibbs Cam Computer Aided Manufacturing Program
Predator – Direct Link to Various CNC Machine Tools
M1 Shop Management System
SolidWorks CAD System


14,000 sq. ft. Air Conditioned Steel Building with Loading Dock
11,500 sq. ft. Manufacturing Space and 2,500 sq. ft. Offices
440 Volt 3 Phase Electric Service

Precision Machining