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“Rochester Manufacturing has been the best outsource manufacturer we have had the pleasure to entrust with our needs. They have cheerfully and professionally taken care of us through the years to help us achieve everything we have set out to achieve as a small business demanding high precision, world-class finish and dependable delivery times. We have submitted so many projects with incredibly high tolerance requirements and they have simply ‘Nailed it!’ every time. Rochester Manufacturing is always my first call for our manufacturing needs.”

Paul Scaglione
Sr. Technician / Designer
Visual Products Inc.

Gauge Measuring

Rochester Manufacturing takes pride in providing accurate and efficient services and results for your plastic and metal precision machining needs. Our highly-trained staff of 17 employees and our quality inspection systems are two important reasons why some clients have continued to do business with us for more than 30 years.

Process Development

One of Rochester Manufacturing’s larger customers requires a variety of close tolerance parts machined from various plastics, which can be unstable and change size and shape after machining. Over a period of two decades, Rochester Manufacturing
has developed processes and special cutting tools that enable us to
successfully machine these volatile materials. We enjoy the
challenge of difficult projects and our customers know that if we
accept a difficult job we will keep at it until we succeed.

Machined parts in a box

Material Traceability

All the materials we use for our customers’ parts come from ISO accredited vendors. We maintain traceability of all materials we use and guarantee that the product we provide is made from the material specified.

Skilled Employees

Short runs of less than 100 parts are common for us. As a result, our machines may be set up as often as three or four times a day.
To achieve these changeovers, we need a highly skilled workforce.
Most of our production employees are journeymen machinists
registered with the State of Ohio Department of
Apprenticeship and Training.

On-time Delivery

We understand the importance of production schedules and do our best to provide your parts on time. Our office staff are the glue that holds Rochester Manufacturing together. They provide excellent customer service through all aspects of production including efficient scheduling and follow-up. If circumstances arise that cause us to miss an agreed delivery date, we will call you in advance and do what we can to keep you going.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that our parts will meet your drawing specifications. Our full-time quality manager reports directly to our company president. We are happy to email a copy of our quality manual upon request.

Rochester Manufacturing is ISO 9001 compliant and a member of the National Tooling and Machining Association.

Precision Machining